Our works / JANGO Who you are?

At the centre of the story the most irreverent but ingenious contemporary clown: Jango Edwards.

For the first time we will retrace the most essential stages of the intense and extraordinary life of Stanley Ted Edwards. A life that can be defined as a single, uninterrupted, One-Man Show.

The question looms: who is the real Jango Edwards? His close friends, the many companions of a life less ordinary, family members, colleagues and close associates will offer answers.

Our film is a re-staging of Jango’s acrobatic career.  A thorough and unprecedented reconstruction created by film, photos and testimonials.

Who is Jango Edwards ? A clown or a chameleon ? A comedian or a mime ? A face or a mask? A cynic or a fool ? By anwsering this question we hope to reflect on who you are.

Each viewer, who watches this ” road movie ” will have a personal portrait of J.E. and each version will correspond to the truth.

  • TITLE: JANGO Who you are?
  • GENRE: documentary
  • FORMAT: HD – 52 min.